20cm of life changing plastic

So to many folk this will look like just an ordinary school ruler . However to me it’s 20cm of life changing plastic. In the late 80s Ulster Bank launched a children’s savings account. Each branch was given a target and I volunteered at our branch to do some presentations to local schools .one of these sessions was recorded with me in full flight with children responding and laughing and ultimately all wanting to join the savings club .

Our results attracted interest from the adults in head office and the tape ended up on the desk of our CEO David Went who told me that he played it whenever he needed a boost ! So I was transferred from the branch to a fledgling team of sales support ( to introduce a sales culture to our network ) from there I was seconded onto our new Insurance services team to work with Dave Gribben who opened up a whole new world of motivational speakers and forward thinkers to expand my thinking including Dermot McConkey . From there I was appointed as the Manager of the retail sales function and then as manager Sales and Marketing .

All of that experience I then invested in my own company The Right Mind . So now at 59 I’m thinking of a savings club I met when I was 26 . Henri Hippo changed my world . Never despise the small things .  #Wellness

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