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      A thought for the day!

"sometimes activation preceeds motivation"

It's amazing how strong our thoughts can be in deciding our outcomes. So today don't let your life be driven by an army of shudda cudda and wuddas just purpose in your heart and do it!

Let's Talk ...

Where did it all start?

One of the greatest discoveries I have made in life is that the world appears different from where ever you are standing. Now that's not mind shattering news it just explains why for all my life I often saw situations and challenges and opportunities from a different perspective. Quite often in the rough and tumble of life , or the cut and thrust of business we have'nt enough time or even enough energy to raise our heads to look up and see solutions. So sometimes we need a helping hand, a new set of eyes an unbiased opinion.

Having worked in the financial services industry for 23 years while at the same time being immersed in the creative arts I decided to merge these two great accounts of life experience and see what would happen if we approached challenges in a creative way. Now I'm not saying that rather than being diligent about governance we should put on a company panto, nor am I saying that a jog in the woods will solve all staffing issues! What I am saying. and it has been my experience time and time again is that if we engage our emotional intelligence in many complex situations the answer will emerge. What I am saying is that as humans we seem to respond to emotional engagment quicker than we are moved by logic. So at The Right MInd we help individuals, companies and organisations ignite ideas that make sense and make a difference.