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      A thought for the day!

"sometimes activation preceeds motivation"

Let's Talk ...

On the main stage.....

So if you were organising a conference  you might need a speaker that can be inspirational, motivational and educational. If you could you would hope to engage the services of someone who would speak from experience rather than theory. If you could add to that stories that are universal truths and life lessons that are practical and easy to practise then you may have cracked having a great conference. Imagine if you could add to that a speaker who engages the right brain thinking of his audience to the extent that their emotional intelligence is engaged to action. Now what if as they were leaving  your delegates were thanking you for putting laughter back into learning and fun back into work would'nt that feel like a home run?

As a main platform speaker Bob Carley's unique and quirky view of life , his sense of fun and comic timing make him a welcome addition to any conference ticket. His array of characters, voices and honest sharings of life's experiences will have his audiences dipping in to their every emotion as they hear an Irish Dad and businessman share his heart.