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"sometimes activation preceeds motivation"

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Locked out!

Posted 1/7/2015

So for a few months now i've been trying to get in here to write something but you know when you have a few passwords and a few versions of passwords and somehow they all get mixed up!! Yip i was locked out by my own security.

So between one thing and another time marches on and then it slips down your priority list and then suddenly it's a case of where do you start.

So over the past few days I've been searching through mails and notes and retracing my steps and yessssss i've cracked it I'm back in . So apologies to those who came on here and thought I'd disappeared . Hopefully you managed to stay in touch through facebook .

So heres a thing there may be great plans or dreams or goals that over time you have drifted away from. Maybe a barrier of some sort fell across your path and you couldnt find a way around it. Why not revisit it. Dust it off. Give it another shot. To everything there is a season. Have a great day.