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"sometimes activation preceeds motivation"

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New Family

Posted 26/5/2014

So my daughter got married. Congrats to Debs and her hubby Daniel. What a fantastic day celebrating and catching up with friends and family. I have to say as emotional challenges go this was always going to be a toughy! I guess any Dad that has ever walked his daughter up the aisle will know of the torrent of mixed emotions that dances around our minds. Add to that Debs Mam missing the event due to her being in Heaven preparing the place for the big party! So to get through the day I decided to indulge in the creation of an album of selfies. So i took pics of debs from the start of the day right to the end the key being that I was in them all !! So each and every time an emotional moment was approaching I altered the mood by simply saying selfie time! Yet again I was amazed to see the power of purposeful thoughts and actions. Now i have the most incredible album of pics from my daughters big day and I made it through without a meltdown (well perhaps the odd thaw!!)