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"sometimes activation preceeds motivation"

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Posted 21/5/2018


 So the past month has been a month of clearing! You know all that stuff in the shed, in the garage, in the attic, in the garden ,in the little place under the stairs. The things that you have accumulated over the last 33 years or so. Things that at one time had immense value but their day has passed. Now i don't mean family heirlooms , I mean things like the 3 wheel skate boards, the dolls pram with the rusted wheels ,the 35 tins of half used paint retained in case the room needs a touch up. Extension leads for devices who a long time ago went to the great god of recycling. Lawn mowers who in the 80s gave up their diet of grass and trimmings. So three skips later i am basking in a new sense of space. I actually have room to see and room to move and room for NEW things!! 

Sometimes our lives need a good ol clear out. Old ways old habits hangovers from a forgotten time just sitting there blocking your room for growth. Maybe its time to get a good skip for your head and heart!!