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Let me introduce myself I’m Robert Carley or Bob Carley or AKA Uncle Bob Carley (I’ll explain later) I am the Head of Ideas at The Right MInd. So straight off the bat I’m going to say this I may not always be the right person to do what you need to do but I can guarantee you that I will know someone who can help! Maybe that’s an Irish thing (did I mention that I’m a proud to be Irish kinda guy) I may not be the man but I know a guy who knows the man! So if you have an issue relating to training, or messaging, or conference hosting, or fun events, or script writing, or public speaking, or interview preparation, or media training, or video production, I know we can help .

All change…. (well at least some change!)

I have a fantastic colleague called Dermot McConkey who is an absolute legend in the training and personal development arena and he has two great trueisms that he shares like a mantra. Firstly¬† “If things dont change they will stay the same”, and secondly “If you always do what you’ve always done you will always get what you’ve always got!” Now I know for some reason you need to make a change(that’s why you’re on line searching for people like us. Change is’nt always easy but staying the same may not be good enough in todays competitive world.

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Radio Scripting etc


Motivational speaking



Voice Overs

Master of Ceremonies

You're Lovely Loveable & Loved

You know when it comes down to it I guess that's the simple message

Radio Clips and Scripts

For the past seven years I have been part of the writing and performing Read More...

Corporate Video Production

So one of the strongest ways to deliver a consistent impactful

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